Corporate Profile

Founded in Ottawa in 2004 by Karolyne Natasha, Believe Films is a feature film production house operating out of Guelph, Ontario. Believe Films’ goal is to use Franco-Ontarian culture as a backdrop to its films. Believe Films' first feature film project, Broken Waters, is set in Ottawa and features francophone and anglophones characters. The film's original dialogue is bilingual French-English.

Believe Films' production interests lie in dramatic features exploring topics such as Franco-Ontarian historical struggles, resilience of the female spirit, mental health care, and environmental crises.

Believe Films hopes to break down the divide between the production of French and English films in Canada. Recognizing that francophone communities in minority situations in Canada have few representations in our cinematic heritage, Believe Films wishes to bring the Franco-Ontarian community's perspectives into Canadian film, effectively blurring the artificial boundaries separating English and French Canadian film-making.