• August 2018 to February 2019

Principal photography 

  • completed March 2019, Ottawa, Ontario

Current status: post-production



  • Editor: ZhiMin Hu, Women in the Director's Chair (WIDC) alumna; I'm Waiting for Mama, Ketchup and Soya Sauce
  • Director of Photography: Onno Weeda, Suits
  • Directors: Pierre Gregory, Scarred and Karolyne Pickett, Le journal
  • 1st Asistant Director: Matthew Moreau, Amélie et Compagnie 
  • Sound Recordist/Mixer: Stephen Lorne, Sidelined
  • Production Designer: Colleen Williamson, Le dep
  • Screenplay: Louis Lemire, Shirley Barrie, Karolyne Pickett
  • Script-editor: Marie-Thé Morin
  • Producer: Karolyne Pickett


  • Valérie Descheneaux, Karolyne Pickett, Marie-Hélène Fontaine, Victor Cornfoot, Richard Nash, Tomas Chovanec, Jolanta Mojsej, Puja Uppal, Valérie Lalonde, Natalie Tannous