There’s no need to choose between being a great homemaker and having a rewarding career where you’re an ‘80s super-woman… you can have it all! But despite having married an easy-going artist, Dr. Marguerite Lafontaine isn’t making life easy for herself: the male dominated world of psychiatry is pretty old school. And if you are denouncing the current practice of prescribing drug cocktails and advocating for a new, promising approach – psychotherapy - then you’re in for it.

When Isabelle comes along, Marguerite sees the opportunity of a lifetime: a patient caught up in an imaginary pregnancy and stories of child kidnappings is ripe for talk therapy. But the collaterals are exhausting: closed-minded colleagues, a surprisingly unsupportive husband, and her patient’s toxic mother. After finding out she is pregnant, Marguerite knows time is ticking, and decides to put everything on the line. It’s easy to underestimate costs when success is surely right around the corner...

Isabelle's story was inspired by the play J"ai beaucoup changé depuis... written by playwright Jocelyne Beaulieu and published in 1981 by Les Éditions Leméac. 

"The screenplay powerfully portrays the era and its cultural context without feeling antiquated. The audience will find the characters contemporary and easy to relate to. This film piques my curiosity and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen." - Maxime Desmons, director, Ce qu'on a/ What we have

"The screenplay is well written and the trailer is well done." -  Mark Chatel, producer, La Sacrée, Balestra Productions