Current Status: 

  • The first two rewrites of the full-length screenplay (108 pages) are completed.
  • A trailer was produced following a 5-day shoot on 35mm in Ottawa, Ontario, and directed by Matthiew Klinck (Hank and Mike, Greg & Gentillon). A dozen scenes were filmed in indoor and outdoor locations, to showcase the intended look and feel of the production as well as provide a glimpse into each major character.


Next Steps: 

  • November 2018: script rewrite (final)
  • End of November: crowdfunding campaign to complete the production's financial structure 
  • February 2019: film shoot in Ottawa


Creative Team: 

  • Screenplay by Louis Lemire, with contributions by: Shirley Barrie, Karolyne Pickett
  • Trailer (1 min 56 sec): directed by Matthiew Klinck


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